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All the information you need to help you through the invention development and commercialization process is right here or a link away. No matter what stage you are in the invention process, these hand-picked links to articles and invention service providers will help you on your way.

If you have special needs, or find that your questions are not answered from this site, please contact us and we will either get you an answer, or tell you where to find it.

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Where are you in the invention process?

Where you are in the stages of invention development can have a significant impact on your steps toward commercialization. Choose from the selections below to find the articles and resources that will best help you at your stage of invention development.

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More ways to learn about successfully promoting your invention
  • The Inventor’s Bible: How to Market and License Your Brilliant Ideas, is available at Barnes and Noble, other bookstores,, online, and at libraries. It includes a Workbook that guides you step-by-step through the process of making your invention profitable. You can also find many excerpts from The Inventor’s Bible on this site.
  • MY DIMWIT Self Help for Inventors helps guide you through the inventing process and creating a professional marketing presentation for your invention project, leading you to commercialization and potential profits.
  • The DIMWIT Inventor's Package (DIP) includes downloadable and printable PDF versions of most of the articles on website, coupons and savings on many services such as patent searching, patenting, invention evaluations, and more.

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Confidentiality Agreement

Confidentiality Agreement

Download a free confidentiality agreement to help protect your idea.

Make Money From Your Idea!

Make Money From Your Idea!

Get the information you need to turn your idea into a profitable product.

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The DIMWIT Inventor's Package

The DIMWIT Inventor's Package

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