Inventing Advice
Making Money From Your Idea
Make Money from Your Invention
A Step-by-step guide that summarizes all the information you need to make your invention successful!

What Every Inventor Should Know
6 Common Inventor FAQs
Get the answers to the 6 questions inventors ask most.
The 5 Steps of Invention Development
Are you ready to develop your great idea? Start with these five simple steps.
3 Ways to Commercialize Your Invention
Learn the pros and cons of licensing your idea, selling your invention and going it alone.
Will My Invention Sell?
You love your invention idea, but how do you know if others will love it, too?
The Inventor’s Bible - Quick Reference Guide
This pocket guide of the 77 top questions will help you nail down the critical information you need to succeed with your invention.

Tips for Protecting Your Idea
4 Quick Steps to Protect Your Idea
Protecting you idea doesn't have to be a long process if you start things off right.
Documenting Your Idea
What you need to document your invention to start protecting your idea today!
Inventor's Logbook – 16 Tips
16 Suggestions for Keeping a Proper Logbook
Confidentiality Agreements – an Overview
What you need to know about protecting your idea with a confidentiality agreement, plus a free sample form for you to use to create your own
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DIMWIT Inventor’s Package
Patent Wizard
Confidentiality Agreement

Confidentiality Agreement

Download a free confidentiality agreement to help protect your idea.

Make Money From Your Idea!

Make Money From Your Idea!

Get the information you need to turn your idea into a profitable product.

Inventors Bible

Need More Inventing Help?

Get a copy of the bestselling book, The Inventor's Bible

The DIMWIT Inventor's Package

The DIMWIT Inventor's Package

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