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The Inventor's Bible - Resources
Want to know whom to trust and where to find reliable information? Check out Ron Docie’s hand-picked list of search firms, agents, vendors and more.
The Inventor’s Bible - Quick Reference Guide
This pocket guide of the 77 top questions will help you nail down the critical information you need to succeed with your invention.
DIMWIT - Glossary of Invention Terms
New to inventing? Have a question about what something means? Look it up in the DIMWIT Inventing Terms Glossary.
List of Invention Service Providers
This list is in the process of being built. Please check back periodically to see new updates.
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Forms and Worksheets
Invention Documentation Worksheet
Click here to download or copy a PDF version of the Invention Documentation Worksheet.
Sample Confidentiality Agreement
Download a Customizable Confidentiality Agreement (Word document)
Coming Soon: My DIMWIT Free!
Please send me notice to try MY DIMWIT Free when it becomes available.
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Patent Wizard
Confidentiality Agreement

Confidentiality Agreement

Download a free confidentiality agreement to help protect your idea.

Make Money From Your Idea!

Make Money From Your Idea!

Get the information you need to turn your idea into a profitable product.

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The DIMWIT Inventor's Package

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