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What is MY DIMWIT?

MY DIMWIT is an easy-to-use, self-help tool for inventors, product developers, market researchers, students and entrepreneurs. All you do is fill in the blanks as the tutorial guides you through the steps.

After you establish a baseline of information about your invention, the application offers self-help advice to point you in the right direction. It also automatically creates a presentation about your invention to help you in meetings with attorneys, potential investors and buyers.


After you have filled in the required information, you can choose one of two different modes: Instructional or Presentation.

Instructional: In Instructional mode, MY DIMWIT assesses the attributes and risks of your invention project, alerts you to potential weak or vulnerable areas in your invention development, and informs you how to get help to overcome them. You will learn about patenting, product development, which steps you need to take and in which order, and other valuable information.

Presentation: In Presentation mode, MY DIMWIT uses your information to create a customized presentation about your invention. If you’re still early in the invention and patenting process, DIMWIT can even create a presentation that won’t reveal your trade secrets. Once you’ve created your presentation, you can print it out and present it to interested investors, share it with colleagues, save time with your patent attorney, show it to interested companies or manufacturers who may want to purchase or license your invention, and more.


The best way to get a feel for MY DIMWIT is to try out MY DIMWIT Free and get a no-risk invention assessment and presentation for your invention idea.

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Keep Your Information Confidential

When using MY DIMWIT, your private invention information is kept completely confidential and only you can access it. We will never look at, share or make public any of your invention information. For more information, please see our Confidential Disclosure Agreement.

Another benefit of MY DIMWIT is how it can keep your invention information a secret. When you are in Confidential Mode the DIMWIT prompts ask only for common and non-specific information about your invention, such as its benefits, features, advantages and so forth. Then with that information it creates a unique presentation abut your invention project that won't reveal any trade secrets or confidential information. You can stay in Confidential Mode during your entire use of MY DIMWIT so you will never have to worry about any breach of confidentiality or public release of your secret information. This unique feature is found only on

MY DIMWIT for Manufacturers

Soon manufacturers will be able to use MY DIMWIT as an application program to streamline the receiving of invention ideas. Contact us to learn how we may save your company money and resources, and help you receive ideas that are appropriately pre-screened to your product categories and criteria.

Manufacturers who are interested in receiving the submission of inventions to their company now have a place on the site to list the types and categories of inventions that they wish to review. The MY DIMWIT tool will then help to put the invention submissions into a manageable standardized format for internal review.


What do I do if I make a mistake?
If you make a mistake at any point while using MY DIMWIT, all you have to do is click on the ‘edit’ or ‘back’ button and you can change your answers. However, if you want to save the advice given for your current combination of answers, click on ‘save this version.’ A new version will begin, and you can go back to view your earlier version.

How do I see the Instructional view?
To view the advice given in the Instructional mode at any point, click ‘Instructional’.

How do I see the Presentation view?
To view your own personalized Presentation at any point, click ‘Presentation’.

What if I don’t know the answer to a question?
Any time you are not sure about an answer, simply click ‘does not apply.’ You can always return to the question later.

You should fill in some questions with your best guess, even if you are not sure. You will be alerted when this is the case. At other times, you will be instructed to not answer the question unless you are absolutely certain of the answer. Again, you will be alerted to these special circumstances, and it is important to follow these instructions so you receive the appropriate helpful advice and create the best presentation.

Coming Soon: My DIMWIT Free!
Please send me notice to try MY DIMWIT Free when it becomes available.
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Confidentiality Agreement

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